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Migrant in Lima, Perú
Many beggars in Lima (the capital of Perú) are persons who came from rural zones, where the main language is Quechua or Aymara. Although this population is huge, the Peruvian State during centuries has forgotten that they are citizens; these millions of persons were (and they are) invisible for the Governments. Since 1940 roughly, powerful waves of migrants began to arrive to Lima. Many of them are the builders of the present-day capital creating huge formal and informal markets, and many cultural patterns. Nevertheless, many migrants still live in ruthless poverty. They are in a strange city, they don’t know the language (Spanish), and they have no face to the people around them. Not always, but at least the first generation of migrants keep the costumes of their towns (like the woman in the image). The beggars use to have a baby on arms to move people to pity.


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