Tribute to Charles Darwin / photographic series

You are invited to visit my photographic series Beings of the Broken Wood / A Tribute to Charles Darwin.

These images were found in trunks of Lima (Perú), my city, over the last five years. It’s a sort of free reflection on concepts of Darwin: origins of beings, the evolution and variations of forms of life, the “struggle for existence”, etc.


Los invito a visitar mi serie fotográfica Homenaje a Charles Darwin Beings of the Broken Wood / A Tribute to Charles Darwin.

Las fotos provienen de troncos de árboles. Las imágenes evocan libremente conceptos de Darwin: evolución y variantes de diversas formas de vida.


Johnny in the Middle of the Street

Here Johnny walks very fast. Although he loves to remain “in home”, he walks to get some food. I guess he gets it in a wholesale market for fruit and vegetables that is at 10 or 15 minutes distance.

Aquí se ve a Johnny caminando deprisa. Aunque ama estar “en casa”, se desplaza para conseguir comida. Sospecho que llega hasta un cercano mercado mayorista distante unos diez o quince minutos de su lugar.

new john way mejor 2_IL