In the Middle of the Street

Johnny beholds the rubbish long time. He uses to collect some boxes and papers.

john medita mejor lux-k



Lima Summertime 2

Civita_25x80_3880_c_prueba epson 2015

Below this sky so many people lived before me. I walk towards home after shopping in the supermarket. I see some ancient ruins of a building of 1500 CE. I think how happy or sad these people were. Maybe a guy walked next to my steps with a blue heart. And now, where is he? Where is she?

Karen Gillan’s short Conventional: Open Your Eyes to the True Horror

It’s a blog of photography, but I want to recommend a short written and directed by Karen Gillan: .

I’m not a censor, but I guess this film is Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned – some material may be inappropriate for children under 13

The short draws the last days of decay of an horror actress.

“Conventional” is a highly recommended story that deserves be watched always. I don’t consider to myself like a fan, but I confess that I’ll be very glad if in the 100th birthday of Karen I’ll be able to post for her the Shakespeare’s Sonnet 15.

The image included in this post is a photograph of mine.